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Film Reviews: Wild Tales, The Reunion


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Film Review: Two Days, One Night



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Film Reviews: Venus in Fur, Under the Skin

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Film Reviews: Love Is Strange, Lilting

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Notes on Masculinity, Part Seven: Five Easy Pieces; Night and Day

For a man, there is no ending
To his journey home.
Because, it’s like James Baldwin
Said: Perhaps home is not a place but
Simply an irrevocable condition.

He is a lone drifter,
A wandering soul,
A hungry vagabond,
A wing-clipped angel.

Don’t wait for him.
He cannot stand still.
Just watch him run –
A child at heart.

five_easy_pieces_final_image night_and_day_final_image

Mourning Jodorowsky’s Dune

Maybe someday – sometime long after Jodorowsky passes away perhaps – we may see his vision, or, at least a version of his vision, take shape on our screens. Until then, Jodorowsky’s Dune, a documentary by Frank Pavich, is the closest thing.

If you have any interest in film as a purely spiritual medium go see Jodorowsky’s Dune now. He is a true artist, unwilling to compromise his values – which is the very reason Dune was never made. This man put so much into this film, and inspired so many others to do the same. It feels truly like a crime that Dune is unlikely to ever come to life in Jodorowsky’s lifetime. But his work wasn’t all for nothing. We have this story. 

Notes on Masculinity, Part Six: Five Easy Pieces; Night and Day

He is ashamed
For others to
See his stony face

But crumble is
What will be –
Tears of lifelong

Only figures of
Fatherly stature can
Claim witness to such

five_easy_pieces_crying night_and_day_crying

Notes on Masculinity, Part Five: Five Easy Pieces; Night and Day

Man is strong
Like ox or beast.
See him wrestle with defeat.

Much rather would he die
Than lose a fair fight.
See him grin with pride.

Even mere games
Must resemble a war.
See him never lose sight.

five_easy_pieces_masculine night_and_day_masculinity

Notes on Masculinity, Part Four: Five Easy Pieces; Night and Day

He would rather
Paint pictures or
Play piano than
Raise a child.

He would rather 
Stay a child – 
Be free of all responsibilities – 
Than raise a child.

He would rather
Run freely towards
Far away places
Than raise a child.

He would rather
Avoid the future 
Until its all that’s
Left to do.

five_easy_pieces_baby night_and_day_baby

Movie Lessons: Tokyo Story (1953)

tokyo_story_movie_lesson_1 tokyo_story_movie_lesson_2