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The Lydia Davis Project: The Bone

(based on Lydia Davis’ short story ‘The Bone’)

Fillets of fish, labelled:
Boneless. Lies
they tell us
So we choke.

Can feel the prickly,
Pinching in
My throat. I want to
Claw it out – so horrible!

Gagging as the
Doctor pulls
Out the fishbone with
Careful precision.

The Lydia Davis Project: The Fish

(based on Lydia Davis’ short story ‘The Fish’)

A fish not held in high regard
Is doomed to die a life much marred.

His valued worth is soon reduced
To little more than cost deduced.

It seems us humans with low self-worth
Don’t give a damn for planet earth.

And so this fish now stripped of scales
Seems so exposed with fresh entrails.